Friday, September 29, 2006

kitten update, and trip to the vet

Cru is doing well. Still eating on his own, being OBNOXIOUSLY cute, and making me want to keep him. He's still wheezing a bit, but in general, is back to being his cute kitteny self.

Teddy, on the other hand, his eyes have started to swell up and got so bad on Thursday I brought him in for more help. They gave me a new eye ointment. It is maybe helping, maybe not. it is hard to tell. if I can't tell by tomorrow morning, I am going to bring him back in.

they still very much want to be fed, but they will eat out of a dish if I water it down enough. Quite often I'll have to call my hubby in the kitten room to distract the kitties so they will get off me, so I can leave the room. It is so hard to just get up and leave when they are being so cute!

Yesterday I brought the family to the vet for their very late annual check up. I was waiting for Dr. B to finally open his clinic. I LOVE Dr. B and hated to bring Em anywhere else. He thinks that she has a thyroid issue, and gave her 4 times the dose of thyroid medication that Dr. O had given her. Maybe it will help, maybe not. We'll see. I just can't wrap my brain around WHY her thyroid tests came back normal, but she got a thyroid condition. I know it CAN happen, I just don't get how. Oh well. Hopefully, this will work.

Everyone else is good. Well, Tweedle still has her breathing issues, but there isn't much that can be done about that. Dr. B asked about antibiotics, and since they really don't touch a stuffy nose, and they haven't ever helped her, I declined.

the total for 7 pets, vaccines, bloodwork, and meds, almost $500.

can you see why I really need a job at a vet?

I should go medicate Ted's eye again, then get out to my appointment.

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