Thursday, May 24, 2007

covered in KMR and snot

What is it about one that gets me covered in both?? :)

Em is still snotty. Lots of white to greenish white drainage. She's back on antibiotics.. don't think it is helping, but then again I have only given it a short time. Other than that she's pretty stable. BGs almost always hit 300 by testing time. still wants to go outside on a regular basis. Still likes to lick me in the middle of the night. Yup.. she's hanging in there.

The fosters are sneezing.. just the mom's younger kittens. Did I mention that I think the two moms are mother and daughter. Mom (tortie medium hair) has much worse teeth and isn't nearly as obsessed with her kittens as the daughter (torbie - tortie w/white - long hair) Mom has the younger kits, daughter had the older. Daughter is in with her kittens 90-95% of the time.

Neither one of them is eating well. Its frustrating. They are both oboxiously thin. The only saving grace is that they are so fluffy that I can barely see it. not that it is much of a saving grace. their input is like half of their output.. I have no idea how they are doing it. I keep offering them different types of food and nothing really tempts them.

one of the buff colored boys (younger set) is sneezing up a storm and is constantly snotty. I thought we were out of the woods the other day as he was much much less snotty, but this morning he was all covered again. its funny cause when he gets covered, he nurses, and grabs some of his mom's fur in the process which is black, so he ends up looking like he put on a fake beard and mustache..

so because I was worried for the moms, I brought some KMR down, and supplemented the kits. almost all of them totally appreciated it. One in each group (snot boy and the girl in the older set) was like "what the heck are you sticking in my mouth!?!?" One of the older boys LOVED it.. sucked it right out of the syringe :D too cute. I gave some of the KMR to the younger mom, she wasn't thrilled that I did that, but she so needed it. she's nothing but skin and bones, and if her kits are attached to her all day and that hungry you know she's not producing much. Hopefully it will be like priming the pump and she'll start eating well on her own.

names.. I so need to get them names..

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