Saturday, May 5, 2007

Em can still bring me joy

My Em is still so cute, and so funny.. :)

first for the update, then for the cute story. No bleeding still *knock wood* yesterday morning she didn't want to eat for a couple of hours, but other than that has been starving for quite a while now. I can't seem to feed her enough food. So I took to leaving a huge plate of dry - which of course sent her BGs sky high, over 500 the other morning, so that is going to go away, and we'll just keep dishing out the wet. She's holding steady (mostly) at 9lbs 15 oz. I've seen 10 oz.. *shrug*

So she still very much wants to go outside. Last night she was insitant on it... but we were headed out to see Spiderman 3. We had to distract her to get out of the house. We got to the theatre, and the 7pm show was sold out, so we bought tickets to the 8:30 one. Being only 10 minutes from the theatre, we went home to 'walk Emmy'

There was no dawdling this time. Usually she hangs out at the bushes in the front of the house for a long time, but this time DH and I were out exploring and she came right with us. On the edge of our property (between us and the road) there is a fire pond (since we aren't on city water) Near that is a huge bolder and apparently the local rodent population are digging out under it for a home. I called Em over to sniff it, and she did, but not long. The fire pond really interested her, so she walked over to the stones they put in to create it. She's sniffing and walking and getting closer and closer to the pond. We went and got her and put her back on the lawn, but she bee lined it right back to the pond! Silly girl. So we picked her up and put her closer to the house and walked further and further away from the pond. She followed us and when we reached the porch in the back of the house (she likes sniffing under it) I sat on the steps while DH stood around. We talked about putting a patio room on the house (which I don't think the house needs, but he's interested in, so we'll get a quote anyway) when something caught Em's attention and she started walking towards the large bushy area in the back. I don't want her in the bushes, as I know we'd never be able to get her out. So Dh went after her, but she took off running!! can you believe that!! lol. Again, old bones and arthritis are no match for us, so we caught her.. DH thinks she wasn't so much running away from us, but thought she was thinking that we were going to join in her hunt and was excited we were coming along :)

Well I am off to the shelter for a fundraiser for the incoming kittens. Hopefully it will be a big success.

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