Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Em Stories

My sweet ol girl is such a bright spot in my day. I miss her so much while I'm at work.

Last night I got home and tested her and her bgs were 338, so I got 3.5 units ready, and went to inject her. After I inject, I run my hand over the fur to make sure I didn't miss, well it felt like I missed, as the fur there was wet.. so I got another 3.5 units ready and injected that. That was at 7 pm. at 10 pm I checked her and she was down to 124!! arrgh. so i left some dry food and some more wet food down just in case. This morning I wake up to her sleeping next to me dead to the world.. she didn't move when I called out to her, didn't move when I touched her, didn't move when i patted her, and when I finally shook her.. she just lifted her head as if to say "MOOOOMMMM I was SLEEPING!!" :)

She's been dragging these past few days. *sigh* more green gunk coming out of her nose, pupils two different sizes, fur not all smooth and polished.. but she was so bright and cheery when I took her outside yesterday to get the mail.. Its funny how you can just tell how happy that makes her. I wish I could just sit around outside with her all day. (and this from a person who HATES being outside!!)

Jack however doesn't have such a high opinion of Em. Last night they were just sitting quietly on the bed as I was watching TV, and he reached over and bit Em's ear!! I scolded him, and he looked contrite, but a few minutes later he reared up and smacked her several times!! arrgh! Jack so needs to leave her alone and pick on someone who can pick on him back!

So.. that's pretty much it for now. Holding steady which isn't a bad place to be - considering.

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