Friday, May 25, 2007

Ok, Where is the Ark??

When it rains it pours!!

Em is down to 9lbs 8 oz!! WTH?! I thought she felt heavier so I weighed her. I just looked at the ounces and saw 10 ounces and got excited for a minute thinking she was 10lbs 10 oz.. hence gaining weight, but it was 9lbs 10 oz. I weighed her again this morning (after she didn't eat her mid meal snack) and it was 9lbs 8 oz. Makes me want to cry. She has been doing ok for the most part. she has a lot of drainage out of her nose despite the antibiotics.. little annoying to keep picking it off the bed, but as long as she's with me, I can't complain. She did have another episode the other day. Remember when i stepped on her tail and she seemed out of it afterwards.. it was like that. I suppose I should get her back to the vet.. but I don't think they can do anything for her, so what would be the point?

Then the foster kittens are having issues. The moms (I've named them Miss Molly - for the younger one w/ white and Miss Martha for the tortie) are having issues. They aren't eating all that well. Miss Molly is barely eating. Last night her kits were hungry but not STARVING, so I thought we were still on the far side of ok.. Miss Molly was definately dehydrated and skinny, but bright and allert. I gave her some more KMR, and went to bed. This morning she was still on this side of OK but I was concerned. The little boy tiger kitten (winky) was very slow to respond, and also dehydrated. So I took her and the kits in to the shelter for some fluid. It almost ran into mom.. a steady stream. Hopefully this will perk her up enough to eat and start producing milk again. winky seemed to feel better. the solid black one is extremely laid back. He's the "what ever dude" type of kitten. Which scares me, because when they don't care it is usually a sign of health issues. However he's been this way since I got him home... so it might just be his personality. I gave Miss Molly's kits some KMR (Miss Martha's kits seem to be doing fine except for the goopy eyes) and they all had about 6 ounces except the little black one who had about half that despite all of my tricks..

Sad thing is, that there is about a week of difference in their ages, but both groups seem to be about the same size now..

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