Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Em the demanding

Oh she's been spoiled, and she KNOWS it. What have I created?? :)

I can't complain.. she's still here, and that means the world to me. I found some photos of her from years past, and she looks like a totally different cat.. and it made me cry all over again. I was on the floor going through my scrapbook supplies to make a sympathy card for my friend who just lost her cat when I found them. I looked up from the photos to see Em sitting next to me, looking at me as if asking "Whatcha doin?" She's so sweet.

She's demanding treats all the time. She's demanding that I not clean her eye, and NOT pill her (this is new) Fortunately Im fast and good, and we get the pill down her before she has a serious chance to object. I'm sure she's objecting just because she can. She does that to me sometimes with the blood testing too.

the basement is finished, and we got a small pub table and chairs to put down there. DH brought it down Sunday night and Em supervised the construction (I have photos still in the cam at home) and ever since then she's been hanging out around them. I guess she approves :)

I just want to grab her and hug her and cover her with kisses all the time, but I annoy her right quick when I do that. Sometimes she puts up with me for my sake, I can tell. Sometimes she likes it..

She's stopped getting up on the bed. I'm not sure why. I think it is because the bed is so squishy that she has balance issues.. I miss waking up with her hogging my pillows.. but I suppose this is a good transition time for me. its also time for her to train my other kitties to take over some of 'her duties" like hogging my pillows (Jack's new job) or pinning me down while I'm trying to wake up (Muffin's new job)

I still have my moments when I feel selfish for keeping her around, but then she sits there and says "HEY! SERVE ME!" and I know that she's here and so wants to be here..

*must remember to get more treats for her highness ;)*

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