Tuesday, November 13, 2007

103.5 then 102.5

Well last night Kit's temp was 103.5. Which was up from the morning temp. I gave her fluids, which she hated, and let her go. She came back about an hour later and jumped up on DH and sat there for the rest of the night (save me daddy!!)

Took her temp this AM, she fought it hard.. which is good. She was running and playing and acting adorable. 102.5 still seems on the high side to me, but it could be her normal. I'll take it again tonight to see where we stand, but it seems we are out of the woods.

Last night she walked by me, and I mentioned out loud that she has a very long tail (it seems to be longer than her body). Just then Eli was walking by, so he stopped and sniffed at her tail. It was just a cute moment I thought I'd share.

Patience has loose stool. Gave her meds this morning, she was completely unimpressed. she's also been sneezing. The baby now sounds a little congested. He's been holding steady at 13.5 oz for a couple of days now.. so I'm starting to get concerned. I'll watch them and see what happens, and if need be I'll go to the shelter and get some antibiotics for them both.

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