Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kit has a fever of 104.3

Not too happy about that one Jim.. *sigh*

I knew something was wrong. I try to not worry so much, cause I'm often worrying for nothing.. but she has been sleeping so much.

Last night she played fetch with us, and was her spunky ol self, so I figured I was just being paranoid and forgot that she slept for three days.

Today we were laying around watching TV, and realized she had been sleeping all morning and most of the afternoon... so I thought I'd take her temp just to assure me that things were fine.

Well she let me take her temp, which is the first sign that I'm sure kitties have a temp. Called the shelter for some suggestions. they confirmed my first instinct of giving clavamox, so I did. They also suggested fluids, which I went out and got for her and I'll give her right after dinner.

Came home to this.. how freakingly cute hun?

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