Sunday, November 18, 2007

A general apology to my cats

Yesterday was a tough day for my crew.. Vet time. Rounding them all up was no fun. Fitting six carriers in a truck was no fun, hauling them down to the vet which is about 45 mintues away was no fun, listening to them whine all the way down was no fun, carrying them into the vet was no fun, putting up with their anti-social behaviour and their foul language was no fun. Dealing with Kit vomit was very much no fun.

Getting clean bills of health for everyone was nice. Eli needs a dental. Ollie got blood work. His colestrol is a little high but nothing worrysome. Everyone else is good. So that was good..

Then packing them all back up was no fun. Paying the almost $400 bill was no fun. packing them all back into the truck was no fun, at least the whining wasn't as obnoxious.. but yet there was still whining.. no fun.. then getting them all back in the house.. no fun. Listening to them all swear afterwards.. no fun..

But they made it through.. Got treats.. and then slept the rest of the day.. and we don't have to do that again for another year.

But then.. then what do I do? I go and clean everyone's ears today! We've had a run of really cruddy ears lately, so I got some ivermecton and everyone got an ear cleaning and a treatment.. Not sure that mites are really our problem, but I wanted to rule that out first. Now everyone is mad at me. of course as I type that Kit crawls into my lap.. and of course as I type that I realize she has poop stuck to her fur.. nice..

I'm sorry kitties.. but sometimes mommy has to do what mommy has to do..

I shall always be the alpha kitty.

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