Tuesday, November 20, 2007

warning - gross content included

Last night I went down to clean up the foster room. I'm having company for Thanksgiving, and they need a room to stay in. Previous foster Teddy and his new sister Gypsy - who you have met before - are coming for the holiday.

Well when I was cleaning, I realized I was going to have a serious problem putting the fosters in my office. The little boy no longer wants to sit in the box. He's out 'splorin! and there is no stopping him. and because he's small enough he could get in crevices and get stuck and cause major problems. So we are going to keep them where they are, and put the house guests either in the office or in the rabbit room.

Well while cleaning, Patience decided she needed to use the litter box. Because she has had such soft stool recently, I was curious about the consistancy of what was to come. Seemed nice and firm, with a little mucus on it.. so I wasn't worried. Went to cover it up and scoop it out when I realized the mucus moved. it was COVERED in Tapeworm segments.. ewww!! Usually when there are tapes, you get segments in where they sleep, but I hadn't seen any evidence prior to the live segments..

So off I went to the shelter..

And while I was there I was almost given a dozen bunnies.. they had babies that need fostering. Talk about CUTE!! I so love baby bunnies.. They need a lot of socalization, so they are probably better off where they are, and I'm about to be overwhelmed with house guests and family for the holiday.. but I so want them!! :)

back to the gross factor.

I cleaned up the rabbit room. I knew I had a problem with the hay that I had stored in there. The rabbit had taken to sitting on it when she was out of her cage, and I had seen pellets in it. Saw the kitten squatting on it too. But stupidly I just ignored it all for so long. Well no longer. Started picking up the hay, and I was almost overcome with fumes of stale urine.. the floor was a mess! Fortunately it hadn't penetrated, and after some liberal dousing with white vinegar (miracle cleaner of urine) and harty elbow greese, the floor looks mostly normal. Not perfect, but way way better than I could hope to expect. Unfortunately I can't say the same for the baseboards.. those she has chewed all up. but that is a much more minor repair..

Fortunately Bri has calmed down a little. She jumps up to me and lets me pat her now.. Unfortunately Kit likes her too, and when ever Bri isn't in her cage, either Kit or Twee or Jack is in her cage :) its just too cute.

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