Monday, November 5, 2007

well it is official

The kitten is now a member of the family. I adopted her on Sunday. Her official name is going to be "Kit N. Kaboodle" we'll call her kit or kitten..

she was rather sleepy yesterday. I was getting very concerned - yes I'm paranoid. later on in the evening we had some play time, so I felt better, but then she curled right back up and went to sleep. We are still dealing with fleas, so I sprayed her with some frontline (which she hated and thought I was evil for applying to her) so hopefully that will be the end of that. I have dewormer and her last distemper to give her, but I'm going to wait a day or so. Also have to get her neutered but I think that can wait a bit.

We have a bit of discord in the house, and I can't seem to figure it out. I know Tweedle is looking for someone to cuddle up to since Em's death and no one really wants to. Its so sad. She keeps trying with Muffin, and Muff only wants to cuddle with me (weither I like it or not) She tries with Ollie too. Sometimes Ollie is ok with it, sometimes not. *sigh* I was hoping Kit and she would get along, but they seem to be avoiding each other.

Gave Jack a bath yesterday. His fur is so fine he can't clean the flea dirt off himself very well. The water that ran off him was black. I feel horrid. I really need to do something about these fleas. I kept putting it off thinking that once it got cold they would just go away - which is what usually happens if I have fleas this late in the year, but they are still hanging on. I'm not really seeing fleas, just the dirt. and just on Jack and Kit. Muff is clean, so is Eli. Ollie had a speck or two on him from time to time, but he is always getting into things, so I am never sure if it is flea dirt or just dirt. Twee sometimes does, most time doesn't.. but I really need to get off my duff and just treat everyone and be done with this. Problem is my vet doesn't sell the larger sizes of advantage, and I hate the idea of spending $10 a cat to treat, when if i could find the larger size it would be about $10 to treat everyone.

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