Friday, August 29, 2008


Ok, you've all seen the news stories on particular cats who went through some sort of tragidy, and made it on the news. I'm pretty sure I've blogged about it, and I know I've said it as much as makes me want to pitch kitties off roofs to find them homes. I'll do the jail time if it will bring some attention to all the homeless cats. (cause it isn't like there is much jail time for doing such a thing anyway)

so I just read
a follow up on the 44lb cat.

and the first comment sickened me. junipurr a worker at the shelter said:
Regardless, the cat's fame brought a very miniscule amount of cat adoptions to our shelter. This particular article is one of the only ones that stressed the urgency of homes for shelter cats, not only for our shelter, but for all shelters. This is so incredibly unfortunate. As this article mentioned, out of the hundreds of applications for Prince Chunk, not one person even considered adopting another one of our pudgy or fit kitties. How absurd! Instead of focusing on this unhealthily overweight famous feline, the media should be promoting adoptions of the hundreds of other homeless cats.

seriously? these people only wanted the 44lb cat? wouldn't look at another? arrgh.

So my new plan *feel free to steal this idea and pass it around, implement if you want* is that when ever you have celebra-cats, you do a lottery. Adopt a cat from the shelter, and you can put your name in to adopt the one that made it on the news. Sounds like a win win situation doesn't it? :)

yea, I see the flaws in it.. no, I'm not going to mention them cause my bitterness will show through.

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