Thursday, August 21, 2008


So we took mom into the shelter. They took one look at her and said zithromax. I said there are a lot more symptoms than the stuffy and the sneezie.. so I listed them all out, they took her temp (103.3) and she ended up going to the vet. They kept her all day and over night. I called the vet to see if all her symptoms made it down there with her, and they said she was eating. I was floored, and said that the rest of the symptoms really didn't matter then.

Wednesday I went and got her from the shelter, and the paperwork hadn't come back, so I waited to hear what they recommended. I took some zithromax cause I was sure that was going to be involved. Finally got the recommendation of zithromax, and eye ointment with HC which I didn't have.

Now she hadn't eaten from the time I got her home (noon) till the time I got home (6pm) I was beside myself. Why would she eat at the vet. The only thing I could think of was that it was because she was locked up. so I force fed her 20ccs of food, gave her the medications (regular eye ointment) and covered the cage. well over night she ate all but 1/4 of the can of food. I figured I was out of the woods. Set her up with new food, set up the web cam so I could watch her, and off I went to work with her locked up.

didn't eat.

Ok so she had a little dry food.. but not enough to sustain her.. so off to the shelter we went. Not much can be done for her at the end of the day save for fluids, so I went with the intention of getting her fluids, and getting some KMR to supplement the kit - who is eating, but who always seems hungry. I figure mom isn't producing a great deal of milk, and supplementing the kit would be a good idea.

got several different cans of cat food - a variety of flavors. Offered them all to mom - she had a sniff, but didn't eat.

Supplemented the kit. Bottle feeding is NOT my forte, but I decided to give it another try. she didn't nurse, she chewed, but I got her belly full. I stimulated her to go pee, and she decided to have a BM. Kitten poop all over everything, bright orangie mustard bright poop.. I even have a little kitten poop on me - aren't you jealous :)

I had almost forgotten how freakingly cute one week old kittens are when you feed them. my last set was still kinda hissy at this stage (it happens) so I didn't get to see them discover their feet, and have them lick me and chew on me.. I'm so in love.. over the moon.. she slays me.. dead, right on the floor (how many other silly sayings can I throw in here?)

So I put kit and mom in the crate again, put the food options in there, and closed them all up for the night

*crosses fingers all the food is gone in the AM*

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