Saturday, August 16, 2008

Getting along no longer necessary

This is a very sad post. Sorry.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night Thursday night and just knew something was wrong. I went down to check on the kittens, and found the kitten I had introduced you to was having a very hard time breathing. I sat up with her most of the night, and tried to get her to eat, and tried to help her to breathe. After a couple of hours, I had to go back to bed. at four am I crawled back up to bed leaving the kit with her mom hoping that things would be ok. In the morning she was still breathing hard, and was turning blue. I rubbed her to get her going, and brought her to the shelter to get help. She went to a vet, and was diagnosed with pneumonia. I tried, but several hours later things were worse. She was cold, and breathing even slower. I tried to get mom involved, but she really wasn't interested in helping out. At 4:30 (after lots of involvement in between that I'm not posting about)I found her dead. completely devastating.

I could go on ranting about the horridness of the pet over population, and how this never should have happened in the first place, how the shelter is full, how there are too many cats and not enough homes, and how it is irresponsible for these cats to be allowed to stay in cages etc.. but I just don't have the heart. I'm broken. It takes a lot to rescue cats and know you can't save them all and still do it. and when you lose one so quickly, and there being nothing you can do.. ok, when I lose one so quickly and there is nothing I can do, I'm at a loss.

My last set of fosters went up for adoption today too. The tabby got adopted to an older woman who wanted a really spunky kitten to get along with her yr old cat and her GSD. She also adopted another yr old cat from the shelter at the same time. Hopefully things will go well.

My favorite of the tigers got adopted to another older woman who I think is a perfect fit. She said she was going to call her Mellow :)

Luna (aka Elle) couldn't be adopted today. I took her out of the cage when I got there, and found she had a HUGE hernia where her spay occurred. Something happened. It happened with the last set of mine that went to the same pet hospital. I wrote an email to the manager to let her know. I want to take it up with the vet, but I'm assuming it is not my place to do so. Makes me very unhappy though. later in the afternoon when I decided to go home, I took Luna out of the cage again to say good bye, and found that she had a HUGE bruise under the hernia. *sigh* I feel so bad leaving her there, but I don't think bringing her here would have been in her best interest either.

all too many times when I am dealing with rescue, I feel like I'm banging my head against the wall. I see them moving mountains in other areas, but when I advocate for something I'm put off. Just makes it hard.

I do have that second mother and her kit. they seem to be doing ok. Mom's third eyelid won't fully go down, but it hasn't since she gave birth.. she also seems to be blowing snot bubbles too, so I'll be keeping a good eye on her.. Got to love my web cam :)

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