Thursday, August 14, 2008

New fosters

Well, I packed up the kittens yesterday and brought them into the shelter. :( I hate saying goodbye. I know it is necessary for me to go on enjoying kittens, but I still don't like it. I know how much turmoil they are going to face before they find their new furever homes.. *sigh* Just part of their little lives..

So now I have two moms and two new borns. Last Thursday I stopped in for some food and left with this

Mom and her just born baby girl with the most unique coloring. Wednesday when I dropped off the kittens, I was asked to either pick them back up or take another foster as they didn't have any cages. Well I ended up taking another mom with her just born kitten. Mom is white with orange - but a bright almost koolaid colored orange, and her daughter is a tortie. This mom is /was kinda out of it, and after I set them up in the kitten room (mom one in the cage mom two in a large dog carrier) she proceeded to lose her kitten in some towels. Fortunately the kitten knows what it is doing, so I think they have a shot.

I did some very brief intros last night, a little hissing, but a NO stopped it. I did some more brief intros again this morning.. it went pretty well, but after a few minutes there was some more hissing, so I said NO and separated them out.. But they did break bread together.. although each had her own plate... but eating near each other is a great sign. I'm sure once mom number two has a few more days to get over her labor and she stops bleeding we might have a real good shot of getting these two to get along. It will be good for both of them, as they both really miss having full time attention. and it will be good for their kits because they'll have someone to play with and learn from

*fingers crossed that this works out*

Speaking of fosters, *sigh* they brought fleas into the house. I hate fleas. I've picked three of them off me so far. I've seen one on two of the cats, so I think we got things at the begining stages. I think Mom One brought them into the house. Mom two is infested, but she was treated, so hers will be dying off soon.

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