Friday, August 29, 2008

I bad, I know.. foster update

Its been over a week, I'm sorry.

So mom didn't eat Thursday night or all morning Friday, so I packed her up and brought her to the shelter. They couldn't take her, so I got them to give her more fluids, put ointment in her eyes (so hard to do when you can't hold down a cat) and trim her nails. the shelter had a hard time too, so I felt better about things.

Brought her home, and left her alone with new food.. and she didn't eat it, but she did eat the day old stuff. Put more new stuff down, didn't eat the new stuff, ate the stuff that I had put down previously. Went on like that for a few days, finally gave her science diet - which most cats turn their noses up at, and she ate it. she is still a few pounds behind the eight ball, but I can see the end of the tunnel for her.

Kit, she's a riot. and like her mom very confusing. Almost immediately after my last post I started finding tufts of black fur all over the bedding. No spots on the kitten seemed bald, no sores, nothing. Next day, it look like the kit had exploded, black fur everywhere. Less the next day, but every day for a week there have been tufts of fur. Starting Wednesday I found a bald patch on her back - well not so much bald, but like my molting rabbit, much shorter fur in an area that I'm assuming her fur came off of. To watch her now, she almost looks like a sway back horse, because she's so puffy, except on her back.

I got her to finally nurse off the bottle. Warmed the cockles of my heart to get her to do it. and she LOVED it. but by Monday she wouldn't nurse off mom any more, and mom was starting to get mastitus from the backed up milk. So I stopped feeding the kitten and left her with her mother. Very heart wrenching day to see her not nurse most of the day, but when she finally started, I felt better - and I'm sure mom did too.

I have a web cam set up so I can watch them..

which caught these photos..

Shelter is also asking me to take yet another diabetic foster. I know I've found two homes for diabetic kitties, but I can't imagine how deep this well is. I just don't see another home out there. This isn't something that most people who love their own kitties are willing to take on. I don't know why they think they are going to find someone in the community to take it on.. but we can hope.

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