Tuesday, August 25, 2009

and a brother and sister make three

Well after I stopped home for lunch, Lula popped out two more kittens. A little girl and then another boy. I can tell because of the various state of dampness. The original boy was all dry and fluffy, the girl slightly damp, the boy quite damp and his cord hadn't dried up at all.

I can't tell if Lula has any more or not. I felt up her abdomen, and I don't feel another one in there, but considering the state of the her belly prior to these deliveries and the state of her belly now, I wouldn't be shocked if a few more show up.

Here are the three of them. If you imagine they are a triangle the first boy is on the top left, the second boy top right and the girl is at the bottom.

Oliver was a little bothered that there was attention being given and he wasn't getting any so he climbed up in my lap and asked for it :)

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