Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm so sorry Skippy!!

This poor little boy is breaking my heart. Still kills me that ANYONE could give him up for any reason.. stupid people.

He looks fine. His eyes are clear, his nose is clear, but he's still quite congested. He is nibbling food on his own, but not much. He hates it when I force feed him, and even though he lets me, he has this look like "how could you??" which is the same look I get when I medicate him. You should have seen the look when I tried to give him fluids..

He's peed several times since being back, but only had a very small amount of stool pass sometime last night - and that is because I force fed him the 40ccs yesterday. I think he ate some on his own after that, so I have only given him little bits after that - mostly to get the lysine in his system.

Last night I took him out of the bathroom for some cuddle time, and walked down the hall into the great room. Our great room consists of the kitchen on one side of the hall, the dinning area on the other, and opposite that is the living area. In the living area there is a ceiling fan and it was running, and it completely freaked Skippy out I'm not sure why, all I could think of was what did they do to him? he was such a confident boy when he was down in the kitten room - but then again I don't think I ran the ceiling fan before. But he also freaked at the microwave being turned on and going off, and the opening of the patio door (DH was grilling) I felt so bad, so I took him to the bedroom and we spent quite a bit of cuddle time there. After he had settled I turned that ceiling fan on and talked to him softly while it ran. I don't think he trusted it not to fall on him, but he wasn't quite as freaked out as before. After a while he wanted to get down, so we locked the crew out of the bedroom and let him explore. He had a lot of fun climbing up and down their kitty tree, and pouncing on their kitty toys. After a while he decided he wanted to cuddle again, so he crawled back up on me and we watched a little TV together.

This morning we had some cuddle time, then I went and took care of all the other creatures in my house, and then went back to medicate him - side note I so need to trim his nails!! I tried to force him to eat, but he ended up with a lot of it on his bib, so I gave up. I'll work a little harder on it this evening when I have a little more time - that is if he's not eating on his own.

I decided to give the fluids one more shot. I ran to the shelter yesterday afternoon and got two 10cc syringes filled with subq fluids to give him - unfortunately they forgot to give me a needle. I had one left over from another time, but it was an 18 gauge needle - for a kitten that is pretty much like a cannon. I was able to give him 5ccs of fluids yesterday when I got home, but his reaction to the needle was pretty excessive (well not excessive for what it was, but it got to the point where I felt getting more in him was not worth his trauma)

There was about 4ccs of fluid left in the syringe, so I gave it one more shot this morning - holding him very close to me and letting him listen to my heart beat which he loves. I was able to get them in him with out a reaction - which was good for both of us.

I just hope the meds and the love start kicking in soon and he starts eating well on his own right quick.

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