Friday, August 14, 2009

An ending for Benny

I have mentioned Miss Benny here several times since she went back to the shelter. Unfortuntely a home could not be found for her. Her medical situation has taken a turn for the worse - and while we could fight to make her healthy again, she would most likely be stuck at the shelter for the rest of her life.

The shelter decided that the humane thing was to end her life.

While I wish I could fix it, and how I sit here and wish I could do something, anything, I know the realities of limited finances and limited homes.

Benny never did like to share, and now she no longer will have to.


  1. I'm sorry, Connie that it had to end like this; but you certainly tried very hard. We just can't win them all.

  2. Rest in Peace sweet Benny.


    Whicky Wuudler


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