Monday, August 3, 2009

Lulu or is it Lula?

I think the name given to this kitty is Lulu, but I think I'm going to call her Lula, and if perchance any of her kittens make it, I'll name them after the Plum Series novels by Janet Evanovich
It is quite humorous to go to the kitten room now. Lula has no interest in the orphans, but Annie and even Anne think that she needs to be intimidated by their massive size. Oliver is ok with her, and doesn't pay her much mind.
This was Annie's more adventerous spirit. Most of the time she's back arched fur out. Lula couldn't care less. She likes exploring the room, using the scratching post and stretching her legs. I keep her in the cat condo while I'm not around to supervise, because I don't want her giving birth anywhere but in a contained area.

Gratuitous Kitten Shots:

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