Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lula, labor and kittenage

Last night Lula was very restless and could not be comforted. I had moved her up to the office that morning after a feeling that the labor would go badly if the orphans were to get involved. She complained loudly when I got home from work and so I went in and I spent a great deal of time massaging her belly, but she kept getting up and wandering around, then meowing at me because I wasn't rubbing her belly :)

I gave up at around 10 and went to bed. at 3:30 she woke me up crying, so I took her into the sun room and set her up in her box and proceeded to massage her belly as much as she would let me. She had some spotting, and some very active labor, but produced nothing. Finally at 5 I had to go back to bed so I set her back up in the kitten room cage and went to bed.

at 8:30 she still hadn't produced any kittens and no longer seemed to be in labor. She ate some food, and proceeded to wander around the kitten room for a few minutes while I tried to check if she was in labor or not. I figured if she was that active that she must be ok and left.

Since Skippy had to go to the vet today, I knew I would be running home at noon. I just checked in on her, and we have one kitten and still one very large belly. So I guess things are going well - if albeit a little slowly.

and this was the sceene outside of the kitten room.. Guess my cats weren't amused at my sudden appearance and not paying any attention to them.

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