Tuesday, June 8, 2010

and surgery is over

I don't know why I was so reluctant to post that the kittens were at the vet for surgery, but I was avoiding it.  I think I feared for Rupert.

But, they went, they did exceedingly well, and they are home - oh so glad to be back in familiar territory.  These are not a group of wanderlust kittens that is for certain.  They are quite reserved when they are here visiting work and catching Shakira when she saw the carrier come out was quite intereting.

I have them until Thursday.  I'll bring them in for a quick visit at work, then at lunch time or so I'll bring them to the shelter and pick up the new set waiting for me.  The shelter has some too young to test kittens from a feral mother.  It takes a special home to take kittens with such an unknown status.  Most foster homes aren't willing to invest the emotional commitment - and I understand that.  I also accept that with out homes that are willing to step up, these kittens wouldn't even have a chance.  So if they are positive, then they will have known love, a warm place to sleep, and a full belly before they go.

wow, that got sad fast.. back to the vet trip.

I asked that they take a special look at Rue, since he spent so much of his life being quiet and reserved.  Since he has the kinked tail, I feared something additional might be going on inside him, but they said they didn't find anything, and he came through the surgery just fine, so if there is anything, it is not severe enough to present itself.  I'll probably make note on his adoption brochure (that I make up for all the kittens) just in case. 

The vet said that Lillie was in "raging heat" which I couldn't help but laugh about.  She was presenting herself to pretty much anything that moved.  He said she could relax now - which I can only imagine how uncomfortable that ever present need to mate is.  If you have never seen a cat in heat, it is very uncomfortable to watch.  They are constantly on the move, rolling around, rubbing on things, trying to walk around while presenting the business end of being in heat.   I would imagine it is similar to getting yourself all hot and bothered and then trying to go about your day while constantly in that state of being.

Since I'm at work, I was only able to run to pick them up and drop them off.  I took a peek at the girl's incisions so I know what they look like now (and can monitor for changes) Boys are much easier, and so I didn't bother them.  But the spay incisions are always different looking depending on how they are sewn and glued back up.  I put down half a meal for them to nosh on.  Sedation can leave a kitty nauseous nauseous.  nauseous  nauseous.. ugh.. I'm never going to learn that word.. anesthesia and nauseous are two words that spell check are always going to catch for me.  that and emergency - since I always want to put an A in it. 

so now in the hour since they have been feed, it looks like they might have eaten half of the can.. they usually polish off two cans right quick, so they are obviously not totally recovered.  I am having a hard time telling if they are in a sedated playful mood or if they are just restless.  I can't see Rue in the room - the light is too bright to see on the window seat, but Marty and Shakira are wandering around the room.  First on the pet bed, then on the pillow.  Shakira tried out the box for a while.  Marty sniffed the ribbon toy (it's fleece).  They are just wandering around exploring.. which might be restlessness.. but they don't seem unsteady which is good.

Mom.. just too funny.

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