Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oddly enough...

Rue did the best with being neutered.  That night he was pretty much his old new self, playing and interested in things - all be it a bit more sedate then what he's been doing lately.  He purred very loudly for me, and ate well.  This morning you wouldn't have known what he went through the day before.

Marty was not well last night at all.  He kept crawling up into my lap and sitting uncomfortably.  I tried comforting him but each time I did he would run away until it dawned on me that when I went to pick him up he cried out, so I could only assume he was in some sort of pain around his chest area.  I can't figure that one out - as all the important stuff either happens around his nose or his scrotum.  *shrug*  He ate, so I tried hard (ha ha ha) not to worry to much and let him be.  This morning he seemed fine.  He had forgiven me, and let me snuggle him a bit before running off to play.

Shakira was her leary self.  She let me hold her for a few minutes and pat her, but then she walked off all huffy as is her normal way.  This morning she hung out in the bed they have claimed (it is a blanket in a box but they like it) she let me look at her tummy and nibbled on my fingers - so typical her.

Lillie seemed OK yesterday.  She sat on the dresser for most of the day, and that night was down and interacting with the kitlets, but in the AM she was shoved into the smallest corner of the room looking mighty miserable.  I assumed she picked that corner as it was easiest to fend off the unwanted attention of the kittens.  It had a few boxes and cans on the floor, so it couldn't have been comfortable even if she wasn't miserable, so I did what I could to help her out.  She came out to investigate what I put down for food, and when she did I pulled everything out and put down a soft blanket.  Well she decided she was going to sit in the carrier.  The kittens thought they could check her out in there, so I put the door back on but not latched (I had taken it off when I got them home so they could come out at their own pace and not worry about the door) so she could stay in and the kittens would be unable to get to her. I was able to get a look at her belly, and nothing seemed amiss.  No swelling, no redness. She didn't feel very hot - not that I wanted to bother her to take her temperature but I will tonight if she's still off.

Unfortunately I can't tell for sure if she is still in there or not all these hours later.  It looks like she might be, but it might just be a trick of the light.
there is just a plain white towel in there.. so it is possible.  Not quite sure I want it to be her though, which means she hasn't gotten up an eaten (no one at the canned food I put down this morning, but since it wasn't the chunky food they had been eating for the past couple of weeks, I wasn't completely surprised) or used the litter box.  They are supposed to go to the shelter tomorrow.. don't know if I can do that if she is this miserable..

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