Monday, June 21, 2010

Zander learned to growl

this morning Zander freaked DH out. We were sitting in the media area of the basement, and he heard a whining growl. He went to investigate, and while nothing was wrong, Zander was most definitely upset. I got up and checked on him. Both he and Buffy were puffed up with the "broken tail" stance that kittens take on when they are trying to be bigger. They love dancing around at each other like that. They didn't seem overly upset at one another though when I intervened.

I think he just learned he could make that noise and was very content to make it.


Buffy.  For size comparison - you can see the Wii remote in the background.
 Oz - and here are a few from last Friday.  I brought them to work.  Oz had a lot of fun attacking the flowers.

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