Thursday, June 10, 2010

*hangs head*

I hate it when I have fosters who don't adjust well to change.  When I brought the crew back to the shelter they were totally freaked out. 

I originally brought them in to work, Shakira once again went into her "you can't see me" mode.  Rue did really well, came right out of his shell and was playing with my boss.  Marty just couldn't contain himself.  He started out on my boss' desk, but kept falling off (apparently not by choice) and would run around and would come visit me.  He eventually fell asleep on my lap - which of course made me feel even more guilty.

When it was time to go, I swear they gave me the puppy dog guilt eyes.. to which my response is if I didn't bring you back I wouldn't have been able to take you in in the first place.

So I packed them up and brought them to the shelter.  I put the kits in one of my own carriers because Lillie was still protecting herself from them.  The manager put them in a new carrier so I could take mine home, and when I went to say good bye to them they hissed at me.  They were so freaked out.  :(

I ended up taking three new ones.  Two boys and a girl (this is sounding so familiar) and two short haired tigers and one long haired (no seriously, I didn't take them back home). 

They are about four to five weeks, kittens of a feral mom who was completely unhandlable.  They are a little freaked out, but were exploring at the office (I brought them in for a bit before bringing them home)  All three are tigers.  The long haired one is a boy, and reminds me a bit of Kodi.  I promised him I wouldn't name him Kodi unless he turned into a complete belly slut - at which point I just might be in some serious trouble.  The short haired tigers are one of each and the girl is slightly lighter then the boy.

They are not amused to be here.  I put them in the cage so they are limited in access until they relax a little (I don't want to have to drag them out from under the couch to check on them - and at this stage they need to be a lot closer to a litter box then just in the same room)  I put some canned food, and fluff boy ate.  Short boy used the litter box and had very watery diarrhea so I got out some benebac.  I hope to goodness that is the issue and I don't have to medicate them - but I will be keeping a close eye on that.  Because they are so small and I can feel their bones, I brought home some milk replacer and gave them all about 8-9 ccs of it.  They were all mightily impressed by it, but I thought they would have eaten more.  Will do it again in the AM.  It will not only get calories into their little bodies, but will give me an edge up on the trust factor.  Kinda hard to not trust someone who feeds you yummy foods :)

I took photos, but they are stuck in the camera.  Tomorrow I'll post them

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