Monday, June 28, 2010

I guess they like the cage

I let the kittens out full time this weekend. They've done very well, although Zander does have some issues with very loose stools (and had it all over himself and then wanted to come cuddle with me - leading to another bath for him!) But when I checked on them this afternoon, this is what I saw.
 Door open, but all three are in the cage.. Silly kittens.

Zander is an absolute love bug.  Loves being patted, and cooed upon.  Buffy is the moderate love bug.  She likes a good pat, but she's still unsure of totally giving into the pleasure of a good belly rub.  Oz is the most stand-offish.  I was laying on the couch with B and Z, and he was on the floor taking a nap.  He will seek out attention, but he's not a slave to it.

As I said, Z got another bath.  It was quite humorous in the way it transpired.  He had his "accident" then came out of the litter box and jumped up on the couch, and laid down belly up on my legs.  Almost as if he knew he was stinky.  I got one whiff, and then one look, and knew there was no leaving him like that.  His bib and face were already covered with food - which I was hoping someone would clean up for him.  I grabbed him belly up and a towel and face cloth and headed upstairs.  He was fine traveling like that until we hit the bathroom at which point he wanted down.  I plopped him in the dry sink while I moved a few things on the side of the sink.  He had fun figuring out what the sink was all about.  I used the face cloth to clean his bib and face.  I then lifted him out of the sink and filled it.  I put him in it, and the debris on his legs seemed to just fall off, so I swished him around a little, then drained the sink and then put him under the running water.  He wasn't all that sure about it, but he trusted me, and just let me do it.

He really did like being bundled up in the towel and being carried back down into the basement.  He hung out with me bundled for a while, purring.  Finally he got up and walked a few steps and attempted to dry himself off.  He seemed perturbed for a while, but then forgave me and came back for more cuddled.

After our nap, I locked them up while I cleaned the floor.  There had been other litter box accidents, resulting in a few stains on the floor.  The floor in the litter box box was a mess too.  Thank goodness for Swiffers.  Made quick work of the mess.  The kittens were quite fascinated by the fact that I moved things around and that it smelled a little different and had a fun time re-discovering the room.

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