Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Fluffy's Day

I got a new web cam for Christmas.. I love that I can zoom and that it takes far clearer photos than the last one!  I'm going to see if I can get it on UStream, but for now I'm the only one with access to it.  I've been checking in on Fluffy.  She sleeps on the couch, in the spot she is currently sitting above, for a good portion of the day.  She wakes up about 3 PM, takes a bath, stretches her legs, and then goes back to sleep until I show up in the evening for some cuddle time.

I love that she is a lap kitty.  She has yet to climb on by herself, but once I put her there she purrs and hangs out with me.  Last night she was quite demanding of pats, and talked to me the whole time I did it.  She has a meow that reminds me a bit of the bleat of a sheep.

I also found out she likes nip, and likes to play.  Now of course her version of play is you dangle something in front of her and she bats at it.  She is not a mighty hunter, but royalty.

"Playing" with the nip toy that was on the couch

an attempt to get her "limp" but she turns it into a stretch and then drinks water off camera

Hey look, she eats.  Yes, it is dry food.. sigh.. but it is better than not eating!!

Another attempt to get a video of her limping

I realized that she had a strong aversion to metal bowls, so I put her food in ceramic. Although watching her eat in the video above she seems to prefer to eat off the floor (not very royal of you Fluffy!)   Seriously, I don't care what you eat or how, as long as you are eating!!  (OK fine, I do care.. but I can keep my preferences to myself and feed you dry if you want it)


  1. Sleep, stretch, roll in nip, eat, drink, stretch, sleep. Ahhhhh. What a life.

  2. so long as she is is good. :) She is a cutie and sounds super sweet....we bet she finds a home in no time

  3. Oh sweet Fluffy, you've limped right into my heart. Glad to see you eating, even if you're being less than ladylike in your endeavors ;)

  4. What a pampered live you have Fluffy...You are a queen after all! Now, you have to eat so you can show off that beautiful body!
    Miss Kitty & Mum

  5. She's cautious but sweet. Perhaps she also knows she can't move too fast and keeps herself safe.

    Did you every try a small plate for the ones who won't eat from even a small bowl? It can be messy, but it's worked for me with some who seemed cautious or who pulled their food outside the bowl. Anything that doesn't bend their whiskers might do it.

    1. I'm assuming that is true (being cautious) I can't help but wonder if she would do better on carpet.. unfortunately the only carpet in my house is in the basement with no way to lock The Crew out to keep them from harassing her..

      Her whiskers curl right in front of her nose, so there is no bowl/plate/contraption to put food on that wouldn't cause some whisker bendage. I put some loose cat nip on a plate for her, and it was a riot watching her try to sniff it while her whiskers kept pushing it away.

  6. Anonymous7:57 AM

    Great quality of your new cam!


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