Friday, March 22, 2013

For Allie

So I saw on Facebook that Allie wants to win a pink make over from GloGirly Designs..

I thought I'd enter and if I won I'd make Allie's fondest wish come true.. to get more entries I had to make a blog post..

So here it is.

but what ever you do, DO NOT go over and enter the contest  because seriously, the more entries, the less chance Allie has of winning..

Cause this poor deprived kitteh so needs a pink make over


  1. Allie: ohhhhhhh! OHHHHHH! *sniffle*sniffle*!

    FaRADaY: *goggle-eyed look* Mowzers!

    Maxwell: yeah, we've never seen Allie speechless before. Oh look, she's starting to cry all over her new mani/pedi.

    *cocks head* How odd. She'll sniffle then blow then sniffle then blow. Her mani/pedi must not be dry yet...

    FaRADaY: WAIT. *suspicious look* Does that mean she's gonna turn our Mancat Cave PINK? Horrors.

    Allie: *wails* Only a TRUE FRIEND would do such a generous thing! You boys couldn't POSSIBLY understand! *sniffle*

  2. I am sure Allie will get her way!! mol

    BTW Your blog's looking nice and cheery too :)

  3. Oh that is so kind of you! I hope you or Allie will win!

  4. Well I sure hope Allie is in the pink soon!

  5. Ha ha ha! We would not dream of entering! If there's wun thing that I, Spitty-the-Kitty, do *not* need, it is a pink makeover! Paws crossed for Allie! It's nice of you to enter for her ;-)


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