Sunday, October 27, 2013

Altoona Mirror Pet Expo pictures Pt 2

The Nardecchia Spay Neuter Fund was there with kittens.  At least one of these kittens I know got adopted that day.. even if they didn't start out the day looking all that thrilled to be there..
The Central Pennsylvania Humane Society
I totally LOVE this idea!!
They also brought kitties
I ended up actually meeting this guy later on in the show.  
Mending Hearts Animal Rescue
Metzger Animal Hospital doing face painting
Another outfit change for Coco
Fresh Pet and Petco
The Freshpet van was tricked out with dogs, and gave out huge dog food samples.
This was the only cat, and they only gave out high value coupons if you had a cat, not free ones
That Guy with the Birds

It was a wonderful gathering of rescues and pet information. I didn't get good photos of everything which I do regret. They also had demonstrations with agility dogs and dog training which is always interesting to watch.  Personally I would have like to have seen more pet product companies there as well.  Freshpet and Petco was there which was nice, but neither one of them were offering things for kitties. Guess I'm just a little bias on that sort of thing (a little?? ha ha ha).


  1. Mr Bird Man seem to have drawn quite a crowd. :)

    During the last Pet Expo, I found the local P&G selling the recalled pet food (Innova, Evo....). When I approached them to ask, they said I didn't understand the recall notice and that it didn't affect the food they were selling. Where does "ALL Evo expiring prior to or on February 3, 2014 (for example)" allow for misinterpretation (the food they were selling were in that group). They were trying to get rid of the recalled stock with a buy 1 free 1. Totally unethical. And they are STILL trying to sell off the recalled food at certain petshops, now at 70% discount. Disgusting. Writing directly to Natura Pets made no difference.

    Ooops. Sorry about this. It's just that seeing Pet Expo made me remember the incident.

  2. Seems like it when well,xx Rachel

  3. The last pet expo the head peep attended was also dog-oriented, but a couple of the local pet food delivery places did have samples of cat food. It seems like cats are getting more underrepresented and not less, which is frustrating.

  4. That looks like a pretty great expo. And look at Coco! :)

    It's nice that there were multiple groups there with adoptable kitties, but we are sorry that things were kind of dog-oriented. (We're sort of biased, too. MOL!)

  5. it does seem like most sales at expos are dog oriented, though the one here did have a huge cat furniture sales area. great to see so many rescues came out. and of course the lovely Coco :)

  6. I've gotta rant - these companies don't think that we kitties are worth marketing to! I am not making that up, I was told that by somebody in the know. They are not convinced we are big business, so they direct their marketing dollars to dog people instead. :-( We need to work hard to convince them otherwise. I know my human spends a boatload of money on us, and she will never spend one penny on anything dog related (her boyfriend provides for the dog here, and he does not spend nearly as much money as she does - on ME alone!).

  7. It is strange that dogs still get the most attention with just about everything. I agree with Sparkle's mom. Cat owners spend a ton, maybe even more than dog owners but at least as much, on their cats. Anyway, overall it looked like a good event.

    By the way, do you live in PA? We just moved back.


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