Thursday, October 3, 2013

Trying to take pictures of active kittens

So I know it has been a while since I've gotten some good kitten pictures, so I attempted to get some last night.  Even had my husband try to help.  He took a bunch, but sadly he doesn't understand how the focus works on my camera so most of them were out of focus.  Even if I added those in, we didn't get to take good photos of everyone because they were so full of go

Smedley practices working his magic
Issac Arnold is on the left
Brothers.. can you tell who is who?
Mishka is just not happy at the flash, she is such a lovebug
Issac Arnold is on the right
Brothers again.. again, can you tell?
Koshka was trying to get DH to play with her
Verona - that darn flash again.. 
Issac Arnold
Issac Arnold again.. 
Geeze, would you two take photos of someone other than me or my brother??
Silly humans.. it's me again!!  ~Smedley
(with Snow and Cubby in the background)
Mishka climbed up on the couch and up on to my lap tonight, and I spent some time patting her and loving on her.  I also had most of my toes licked by a number of the kittens.  They are starting to figure out people are really kind of cool.

Koshka is the only one who has made weight, being 2lbs 2 oz.  Cubby and Verona are right behind at 1lb 15.  I am thinking I'm going to send Snow back either this weekend or early next week to give her a change to get away from the kits and put on some weight and get a home a little sooner.  She is such a love that whomever gets her is going to be very happy with her.  I'll probably split this litter and send the three larger kittens back before the three smaller ones since Smedley and Mishka  are a pound and a half and Issac Arnold is 1lb 6oz and will be with me for a while.

These kittens are also eating me out of house and home.  They are eating 8 regular sized cans of cat food a day as well as quite a bit of dry food... which of course then means there is quite a bit out output.  They are energetic (read mayhem in fur coats) and at... eight weeks of age .. woh, they are only 8 weeks?? it seems so much longer than that. Well we will play it by ear.  It is a fine line between keeping them together to help them learn from one another and be better well mannered cats and getting them into the shelter and getting them neutered while they are small and will recover well and then find a home while they are small and cute. (and moving the mayhem out of my house.. seriously, think about this.. SIX kittens.. ) (and eight cans of food..)


  1. those kittens are so cute,and Snow well she is just gorgeous,xx Rachel

  2. looks like they have your husband right where they want him. :)

    I totally understand about that fine line....

  3. Ooooh, so adorable. Love the ones with your hubby.

  4. Oh they are so precious and adorable!
    I sure hope Snow will have some relaxing time when she is sent back this weekend..and find furever home soon!

  5. oh my goodness, cuteness overload.

    Emma and Buster

  6. Such little cuties!! I love those stripy bellies! Adorable!
    xo Catherine

  7. OMC! They're so cute. But 8 cans of food a day?? Wow, that's major eatage. :)

  8. Wow, those kittens eat more than me and Binga and Boodie combined! Like, WAY more!

  9. We forgot how much food tiny kittens can put away. Eight cans!

  10. We LOVE Koshka's tummy shot! XOXO

    Selina & MomKatt Laura

  11. Looks like little Isaac Arnold is gaining a little on the rest of the crew. Some cute kittens in that group.

  12. That close up of Mishka made me laugh! And so lovely to see Issac Arnold looking so adorable!

  13. They all, mom and kits look so healthy and happy. Quite the difference from 8 weeks ago! You've done a wonderful job and whoever is fortunate enough to have one (or more) of them in their home will be very lucky!

    8 cans of food, wow! Those are hungry little kittens.

  14. They are all just so adorable! I love looking at their pictures. The expression on mom's face is just priceless hehe

  15. Uhm, Smedley on the right in the first picture???
    Momma was too preoccupied with the cuteness to help us guess. *eyeroll*

  16. Oh my...they are SO adorable. Loads of fun...but YIKES!!! 8 cans of food and the "output" ... holy cat!!!

  17. We remember Dad going to the Foster room with bags and bags of food. Oh my they are so precious and such a change from the sick kitties of 6 weeks ago.
    Purrs and prayers for the good you do! Thanks
    Timmy Dad and Family

  18. What sweet pictures and such precious babies!


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