Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Chandler and Abby #diabeticcats need a home

I first introduced you to Chandler and Abby back in April of 2014.  I met Chandler when I stopped in to the shelter to take photos of the kitties, and I completely fell for him. Chandler is diabetic and he had something going on with one of his back legs that required it to be wrapped up for a while so when I got him his leg had atrophied and it was covered in loose fur and lots of dead skin. My heart ached for him, and if I could not adopt him, I could at least get him out of the cage he was in and give him some time at Casa de Gato where he could walk around and exercise that leg.

When I went to pick him up, I was convinced to take Abby home. She was surrendered to the shelter when she became diabetic. She looked a lot like Chandler, but she was scared out of her gourd and really really just wanted to hide. The shelter really wanted me to take her for a while in hopes of getting her regulated and improve her disposition.

Chandler improved a lot while he was here and Abby seemed to relax some and eventually the time came to return them.  Chandler was okay with being back at the shelter, Abby was not. She spent a great deal of time under her bedding and hiding in general.

The shelter housed them together for a while in the larger cage that can accommodate two cats, which gave them more room than the individual cages, but kept them isolated from the general population which are fed a non diabetic safe diet.

Chandler came into the shelter with the name Schindler. The shelter changed it because of the connotation, and I have to admit, I liked Chandler it seems to fit him.

Eventually Chandler was adopted. A woman in a near by down with small children and a dog took him home. I found out about it when she shared his photo with the shelter saying how well he was adapting. I was over the moon for him.

Abby still did not come out of her shell. I did my best to visit with her and try to make her feel comfortable, but she continued to be very unhappy.  After a few more months I suggested that they might want to give her some Rescue Remedy.

I will admit I didn't follow up on Abby as much as I have other kitties that have been at the shelter, and I do feel bad for that, but she did not seem happy to see me and I was not helping her, so it seemed pointless to do it.

When I went to the shelter website the other day I noticed right there on the top of the adoptable cat's page, that Chandler was back.  He had been renamed Albert when he was adopted, so they listed both of his names on the website.  My heart broke for him. I do not know why he was returned, and I don't think I want to know... the why is not important.

What is important is there are two diabetic kitties waiting for a home, and have been waiting for nearly a year.  They were perfectly okay with one another while they were here, and they are perfectly fine with not being together too.  When I went to visit Chandler they put him in the cage near Abby so I was able to visit with her, and I am guessing they had started giving her rescue remedy because she was bright eyed and alert and she interacted with me unlike before where she would do her best to hide and not be seen at all.

I know this is a long shot. I know this is bordering on a mean thing to do because so many of you are not in a position to do anything for either one of these kitties.. but they are three months shy of being at the shelter for a year.. I would adopt them in a heartbeat but I know my own limitations and the limitations of my household.  It will take a special person in the right set of special circumstances and I am hoping beyond hope that somehow, some way, we can get these guys in front of the right pair (or pairs) of eyes.

Abby is 11 years old, Chandler is 12.  Their adoption fee is just $10 (per kitty). They are in Southern Maine, but I am sure arrangements can be made to get them to you if you can't get here.


  1. Well... I scheduled a share for them on Twitter for morning your time Tuesday. Maybe you could ask JaneA, the Paws and Effect human, to help - I'm sure she still has some Maine contacts.

  2. Purrs from us for a furever homes with lovely kind people.

    emma and buster

  3. This is so sad. We had thought Chandler had found a good fit. We're setting up a post to share on Twitter later today when there are more people awake.

  4. we would certainly sign up to help transport them....they are lovely!!

  5. Oh that's heartbreaking. Poor Chandler. We are so hoping for a generous and understanding human who might consider BOTH of them....

  6. How sad that Chandler has been returned I hope he finds a permanent home soon

  7. This makes me so sad. I wish I could help.


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