Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sponsored Post - Chewy.com and Nature's Miracle

This month the offerings at the Chewy.com blogger outreach program weren't quite suited to The Crew diet limitations, but then I saw they were offering a chance to try out Nature's Miracle Stain & Odor Remover I thought I might be able to try it out cleaning up the trees in the kitten room that are slated to be removed after this set of kittens. They are pretty badly stained and I was a little unsure that it was a fair test but I thought I would give it a go. Yeah, well, you know how the story goes, you plan, cats laugh.. Shortly after the product arrived Muffin had some "digestive upset" on the highest point in the living room. We specifically set up this point so my cats would have a place to get up off the floor.. I never intended it to be a launching point for foulness.. Thanks Muffin..

I'll give you something to blog about momma.. you should thank me.
She was on top of these, and this is just the start of it.
She also nailed the other side as well, but that only hit floor
This side hit the couch full force. yum.. 
Soaking. I wiped the vomit off with paper towels then applied.
The paper towels were coming clean
but you can see from this photo the camera captures more than the eye can
I wiped it down a bit after soaking it so there wasn't anything to attract the cats.
You can see it immediately got more off the couch.
Soaking couch..
I left it for the night and when I came back in the morning I could still smell the cat food, so I soaked it again. The product itself has a bit of a alcohol/medicinal smell like you might smell at a doctor's office. When it dried the second time it still smelled to me but I wondered if it might have been that I expected it to smell, so I asked my husband to sniff the couch (when was the last time you asked YOUR significant other to sniff the couch??) and he said it smelled 'different' than the part of the couch that wasn't recently cleaned, but not 'bad'.. so I would say it definitely removed the odor. Muff also vomited on the entryway rug that we treat like a mudroom rug, so I didn't take any photos, but the product did get rid of the appearance of vomit and the rug looks much like it did before the great hurling..

The downside of this product is definitely in the application; because of the pop top and the opaque bottle I didn't feel like I had a lot of control over where the product was going so I placed it directly on the couch as I applied so it wouldn't just run off the couch and on to the floor and as a result was unsure how much of the product came out. This is probably why I had to apply it a second time. Not quite sure how they could have fixed this so I would say this is a personal problem. A spray bottle would help with the applying of the product, but I am guessing you would have a hard time soaking the area with a spray bottle.

I think I'm gonna hurl again momma.. can I go sit on your bed?
My poor girl was quite miserable all night. It was a little weird because my husband and I were in the bedroom watching Godzilla and it was up rather loud, but I thought I heard something so I paused the movie. When no other noises came, we went back to the movie. DH found the aftermath when the movie was over. Poor Muff looked absolutely miserable and I was thinking I was going to take her to an emergency room because this is so very much unlike her, but something told me to wait for one more sign so I watched her like a hawk while I cleaned up the mess.  After about half an hour or so she was ready for some more food, so I offered it to her and she ate it and seemed to be happy about it. I think the beef we offered the day before was a bit too old for her; it was odd because no one else is having a problem. She had some diarrhea as well and I ended up having to give her a 'vanity shaving' which she took like a champ. Since most of her vomiting involved rather large hairballs, I have a feeling the vomiting was secondary to the diarrhea which she tried to self groom before I realized what was going on and she ended up taking in too much fur while doing it. She is pretty much back to normal at this point, but she will tell you that she would do MUCH better if you would just open up another can of food for her..

So thank you Chewy.com for the well timed product offering. Lets hope we never ever have to do this again..


  1. That WAS great timing! You should thank Muffin for her cooperation. ;-)

  2. We're glad you had the Nature's Miracle on hand to clean up Muffin's little "mishap."

  3. Sorry, I had to laugh at this - I had a foster cat who had a GREAT FONDNESS for climbing up onto the highest level of the cat tower before hurling - it was like the castle dwellers pouring boiling oil on the attacking villagers ...

  4. I'm glad Muffin's feeling better, but oof. Poor her (and you) to go through that. And thanks for the product review; I may have to buy some of that for future use.

  5. Good job, Muffin, for helping your mom use the product. But I'm sorry you were not feeling well. Glad you are better now :-)

  6. we are sure Muffin was happy to oblige....glad she is feeling better. the mom uses this stuff too but uses the spray bottle

  7. Hope she is feel more like her self now,xx Rachel

  8. Oh boy . Yeah, we've had some nature's miracles over here recetnly and know how you feel. Did you hear about how Mrs P had diarrhea on the top of the backless shelf? It hit every shelf on its way down! Yikes. Hope she's feeling better. - Crepes.

  9. Wow! How interesting that Muffin knew you needed to review Natyres Miracle. We have some, but Mom Paula hopes she doesn't need to use it any time soon.

  10. Oh, dear. Glad Muffin is feeling better, but we sympathize. Pierre is our high-angle vomit champion here. And he does it quietly so you don't realize it until much later, too.

  11. Anonymous7:04 PM

    Well dat's pawsum. So sorry she got sick. Mommy's seen dat all too offen wound here. MOL We hav to find da best place fur purrjectin' it all over you know. Glad you had good luck wiff this, we didn't, but we twied it on pee and not fwo up.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  12. Poor Muff. We sure are glad she is feeling better though!

  13. Our mom has tried that stuff, but she uses something else now: Bac-out by Biokleen (found at Whole Foods). She uses a lot of it (Skootch hurls a lot), and it works really well and it doesn't have that wierd smell of Nature's Miracle.
    We hope Muffin is feeling better.


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