Sunday, January 11, 2015

The kittens prepare for the #GoldenGlobes

Time to put on the Party Dresses and go to the Golden Globes
pay no attention to the man behind the scenes.. 
ooooh, shiney
Um, I don't think these are the globes the people were thinking about.. 
but we are still wearing party dresses right?
So does this mean it is time to paaar tay?
and shake our groove thing?
shake our groove thing, yeah, yeah
my girl just wants to party all the time, 
Party all the time
Cause this is thriller.. 
Thriller night.. 
What else are three pretty kitties supposed to do in party dresses?
I'm thinking Tawny prefered an off the shoulder number.. sadly I really didn't have that as an option.

DH asked how come Lena got out of the party dress option, and it was because I only had three dresses in a small enough size unless I wanted to break out the santa outfit, which just seemed silly (because everything above is oh so dignified)

I was really surprised how much Glimfeather liked her dress and was not interested in taking it off at all. Athena tried on and off to shed hers, but in the end I had to help her. Tawny's dress was simply too big for her and thus she was able to play a real party girl of the night ;)


  1. Wow, how cool that you got all three of them in costume! My human can put almost anything on me as long as treats are offered.

  2. that is just to cute,love love love!xx Rachel

  3. cute!! What fun....

  4. Awww they are so adorable in the pawty dresses and what a fun time they had!
    Love photos of them in the air :-)

  5. They are truly adorable! Normally I am not a fan of dressing cats, but this is cute. I never knew Lena was a polydactyl!

  6. This is soooooo cute! I love the Golden Globes theme and they're all adorable, even Lena who's not wearing a dress.I didn't know a playing kitten could even be cuter. Just put a party dress on!

  7. What a cute pawty ! We love the idea of Golden Globes ; the kittens are all adorable ! Purrs

  8. What an adorable post! You all look fabulous in your Golden Globe Party dresses! And Lena, we love that picture of you, so cute!

  9. MOL! Now mommy's complaining about a thriller earworm. You and Glogirly...*sigh*
    We think THESE Golden Globes are better ANYwayz.

  10. Those are the most CHARMING dresses I have ever seen! OMG!


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