Monday, February 15, 2016

A review of #Chewycom and Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore Variety Pack

This month through their blogger outreach program sent me a Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore Variety Pack to review for them.

I chose the variety pack because of that face. That 'unimpressed with every canned food offering given' face. She is eating dry food well enough, but I so want to get her and her kittens on a better nutritional road and canned food is far superior to dry in that respect. She is a lover of gravy, licking it off of the foods that I give her and then moving on to the dry, so I was hoping that these foods, known for their high moisture content, would tempt her into getting something into her, and when her kittens saw her eating them might partake as well.

I was less than pleased with the packaging this month, mostly because my cats love both the box and the brown paper that Chewy sends. I understand the attempt to save money on packaging and shipping by using a padded envelope, but my abhorrence of an over-use of tape made me long for the box and paper.

I was surprised that the variety pack showed up in pretty good shape. There were a few dents in the cans but they were pretty minor and didn't effect the contents within. You can see the tiny dent on the Seabass Luau can below.

As you can see there were nine flavors in the variety pack. Beef & Liver (1), Beef Liver & Chicken (2), Beef Liver & Lamb (1), Bonito Tuna (1), Chicken & Liver (2), Chicken with Duck (2), Chicken with Turkey (2), Seabass (1) and Tilapia (1). This gives you a good selection to choose from. The cans are only 2.8 oz, so for me they aren't a full meal on their own, so I ended up putting down two of them for Lemonade to try. First up, Beef Liver and Chicken.

Lemonade gave it a sniff and a lick but she wasn't all that interested, so I offered her a second can. This time, I opened the Bonito Tuna Luau.  Not being a fan of seafood in the least, I knew I was not going to enjoy opening this up and serving it, and I wasn't.  Seriously, look at it..

But what matters is not if I like it, but if the cats do, and she ate about half of it while we were in the room, and because she spent time eating it, the kittens came over and tried it too. When I went down the next morning all of the food was gone but a few strands of the liver/chicken food. I was highly impressed since this was the first time she's given me a clean plate.

I like that Tiki Cat offers this variety pack as it gives you a way to try a variety of their foods without that large of an investment. I like that it was offered to me so I could find something that this kitty would eat.

Thank you Chewy for another great month of products and getting my foster kitty to eat something!


  1. Paws up for the kitties liking the Tiki! We eat it sometimes... but only the poultry flavors. Since we already eat canned food (and sometimes raw), my human doesn't feed us food that is primarily fish.

  2. we like those variety packs too....makes it easier sometimes to find something they WILL eat :)

  3. Glad that your fosters finally found something they like!!

  4. Pooh is so finicky when it comes to canned food and I have been looking and looking for a variety pack of food to try her on. She likes variety, she will eat one thing for awhile then stop and I have to try something else. Thank you for posting this I am going to order one and see if she will eat any or all of them. Hugs and nose kisses

  5. Haha, that face expression... :-)
    But glad they liked the food! Variety pack is always great to try different flavors!

  6. I love that top pic of Lemonade! Her expression says it all!

    This variety pack from Tiki is a great idea. That's great that all the kitties like it!

  7. We like Tiki Cat...we just wish they didn't offer so many fish flavors since we don't eat much fish. We're surprised that the cans were shipped in an envelope. The best thing about Chewy is the boxes!

  8. I am glad they liked it. I wouldn't enjoy serving it though.

  9. They liked it! Hooray! :)

  10. My 13.5 year old diabetic cat with IBD and sometimes pancreatitis eats Gourmet Carnivore and Tiki Cat chicken very well. It is the only food he can tolerate so it is all he eats now. It literally saved his life. His blood glucose is down to 65 being exclusively on this food. My vet couldn't believe how healthy this cat is now, considering he was knocking on death's door before. It's amazing how finding a food that works for your cat can drastically improve their life.

    1. it is amazing how much proper nutrition can help diabetic cats. So many cats can go into remission by simply removing the carbs from their diet. So glad your kitty is doing so well


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