Monday, June 13, 2016

Well that's a fine kettle of kittens..

The kittens are doing very well. They are growing by leaps and bounds.. well okay technically they are growing while they sleep, but they are doing a lot of it.  They feel amazing. Nice solid study healthy kittens. Save for the fact that I missed out on the first few weeks of their life, there really hasn't been much to complain about with these guys. There has been some vomiting, but that isn't unexpected.

They went into the shelter yesterday and were weighed, vaccinated and dewormed again. Plans are in the works to schedule them to be neutered. Not sure when that is going to happen, but I imagine it will be either this week or next, not that I mind if it is later.

The kittens have turned into pretty snuggly love-bugs. I went to give them food last night and as they were eating I laid down on the couch. Pretty quickly I had kittens all over me. Hey, it's a tough part of the job, but someone has to do it!

Speaking of tough jobs.. 

Daito and Shoto

Aech and Shoto
Aech, Samantha and Daito
Parzival was having nothing to do with that kettle..  He was a little too busy to sit still for more than one photo, so I was lucky to get this on.

I think this is going to be their last official photo shoot. I had a few props out before the kettle, and those didn't go over well either (but a few good photos came out of it) so I'm not quite sure what I'll do next Monday. Any suggestions?

Samantha climbed in behind the backdrop
Shoto tried to climb it, that didn't go over well
This fabric is fun!
ooh, this kettle looks like a good place to.. 
wash my behind
My turn!
They are either on or off. If they are on they are going 100 mph, and are into everything. Off means they are sleeping, but they are a blink of an eye away from being on again.


  1. Kittens at this age are like little energizer bunnies.

  2. You've done SUCH a great job with these kittens - they weren't the easiest family to foster.

  3. Haha. I saw that little hind paw up in the air and I was thinking, "I bet that cat is ..." and then I saw your caption. A cat's behind can NEVER be too clean, right? I'm so glad I get your posts by e-mail ... I enjoy every single one <3

  4. We love that photo of the ear and the paw sticking up out of the kettle. It looks almost anatomically impossible!

  5. If you would open your birthday gift, there "may" be an idea for another photo shoot. . . just saying.

  6. Since it's almost officially Summer, maybe a beach set up for their last photo shoot? They are adorable; no doubt will be adopted quickly!

  7. Absolutely adorable pictures of those little sweeties. They are really having a fun time and you captured it well. Hugs and nose kisses

  8. Such cute photos! My favorite one is that top one. Their expressions are priceless.

  9. Life with Kittens. Very dramatic and very fast. But ohhhhh so cute.

  10. they do seem to have a large amount of skeptical going on with that kettle - though the pictures are adorable :)

  11. I would love to watch you photograph them. Squeee.............

    Emma and Buster

  12. Getting covered with kittens, yep that's a tough job :-)
    Such cute photos. Looks like the kettle gives them a good privacy while taking bath!

  13. These kittens are so cute! I'm glad to hear that they are doing so well. They are lucky to have you as a foster mom. :) I think all of the photo shoot hijinks are super cute.

  14. They all are so cute. It won't be hard to find them furever homes.

  15. So cute and I bet they keep you on your toes

  16. They are too cute! Sorry, I have no ideas, but I know you will come up with something fun- you always do. :)


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