Monday, September 12, 2016

Eli, Eli, Eli.. you are going to give me gray hair

Eli and Jack are the two cats at Casa de Gato known to have urinary issues. Eli, fortunately, has never blocked, but he was peeing inappropriately and by the time we figured out who it was the urine was bright red.

Funny story.. we were lamenting how we were going to figure out how to figure out who was having the problems with Eli walked up on the bed and peed right on my husband's side of the bed right below his pillows. I was so glad that I finally knew who was having a problem, DH? not so much..

Anyway.. Jack pees in the master bathroom under the palm tree - right over the heat register (which we very much need to get replaced thanks to this habit) and Eli's place is USUALLY the laundry room or the guest room. Someone pees on the electrical components under the TV in the media room but we have never figured out who. We have also had problems in the basement near the door to the litter boxes. If that door is ever shut we will have problems - despite the fact that they can walk around the staircase very easily and despite the fact that right next to the door is a cat sized hole in the wall where we were going to put a cat flap so we could keep the door shut.

Jack has been peeing lately because I had increased his thyroid meds back up to the original prescribed dose in an attempt to help him lose a little weight and feel better. I had an itch in the back of my brain (one of those not quite formed thoughts) that I should back it back down when the peeing started again, in his chosen spot of "MOMMA I DO NOT FEEL WELL" urination. I have not seen him pee there, but once I stopped his thyroid meds, it pretty quickly tapered off and stopped... (just for full disclosure, his favorite spot is right in front of where Muffin's 'I don't want to walk down the stairs to go pee' litterbox is.)

Well, while we were dealing with this someone peed in the media room, and someone peed in the basement. I chalked this up to Jack but just in case I checked everyone out, no one seems to be having any new out of the ordinary issues..


Eli walked into the laundry room.

Yes, my cat walked into a room and I had a panic attack.

He stood there and looked at me when I rounded the corner to see what he was going to do. He squeaked at me and continued to look at me and I continued to look at him at which point he became paranoid and left in a very quick exit stage right maneuver.

Oh great.. it was Eli peeing in the basement.. I just know it.. and now he's paranoid, I'll never get him, and when I do get him he will be all tense and I will have no idea if it is because he is in pain or because is just completely freaked out that I am going to do something to him..

Yes, these are thoughts running through my head.. because.. yes, fine...

I calm myself down and reminded myself that he just walked into a room. I waited for another 'sign'. Later that day he cried out for no apparent reason. The boy does not like to bring attention to himself, so when he does this I worry. I decide to start him on the urinary supplement I like and hope I'm being over reactive. Catching him to give it to him wasn't fun, and it took my husband and I way too long to do it. Later that night he came up on the bed and insisted on belly rubs. His belly felt fine.. not guarded, he didn't flinch, he wasn't tense..

The next night, last night, Eli uses the 'Muffin doesn't want to walk down the stairs to go pee' litterbox. I think nothing of this because a) I have no idea who is using it and b) everyone uses it (and yes, that annoys me). A few moments later he walks out of the bathroom, plops himself down on the floor at the edge of the bed and lets out a very mournful cry.

wait, what?

Okay, so he didn't do it when he was peeing.. so.. what the what??

Eli sees me try to figure out what is going and he takes off like someone lit his behind on fire.

My cats have NEVER done poop zoomies, where apparently a cat feels better after pooping so they run around the house.

I am working on steadying my "MYCATISABOUTTODIE!!" nerves, and he turns around and comes running back into the room just enough to see me. He does another long cry.. a plaintive squeak that lasts much longer than his "hi I'm here" squeak. So, I sit up. This prompts him to turn tail and RUN!!

um.. kay...

I lay back down. He turns around again, comes trouncing in the room, he tells me that Timmy has fallen down the well and I had better come RIGHT NOW!!!

um.. kay...

I get out of bed, he RUNS!! I get to the hall and Eli is standing in the hall looking back to see if I am following him.

Have I mentioned this is a very paranoid cat who hates it when I follow him?? Do you see the question marks going off over my head yet?

All of this noise and tromping and wailing has gotten my husband's attention who watched him do this. I attempted to walk up to Eli again, he takes off running. I am not chasing him... I vowed not to do that years ago for a very good reason.

I want to give him more urinary supplement but he is nowhere to be found. I give up and go back to bed.

This morning.. he uses the box again, he comes out into the room again. He cries again. Flip you buddy.. we corner him in the office, he is tense and panicked and paranoid. I give him the supplement which he takes just fine. I bring him to the bedroom and shut the door. He hides under the bed certain I am about to cut his legs off.

I bring a plate and a can of food into the room. Muffin is BESIDE herself that I am not giving the food to her. I put the plate down, I pop the top, out pops Eli. He might be afraid I'm going to cut off his legs, but for a can of food he is totally willing to risk it. He eats the whole can in three bites.

um.. kay..

I give him another can.. He eats most of that too.

He is currently locked away in the bedroom with Muffin's litterbox (she can walk down the stairs, she just doesn't want to because it is uncomfortable for her right now) and I am fairly certain I am over reacting.... but I will not go so far as to say I am paranoid about this because I don't think you can if you have good reasons to believe that things are wrong.

Eli is probably lounging on the bed thrilled that no one is bothering him and he's got a nice mid-afternoon snack.. and he's laughing at how he has snowed me

but if he screams at me one more time, he is so going to the vet.. and I am going to have a nice fun time explaining why he is there.. "Well, see, he was playing Timmy fell down the well... " Update: he spent the day in the bathroom, went to the litter box once, deposited a nice normal sized urine clump. I'm calling him good, and myself paranoid.. and I'm completely okay with that.


  1. I hope Eli will be OK! I know the panic that you're talking about--I get hyper-watchful and follow the kitty around and even cry, thinking the worst.

  2. Ah yes, the amount of time and effort we put into figuring out who is doing what, and how to deal with it. We really hope you get a handle on this soon.

  3. Do. Not. Like. Those. Games. Trying to figure those out, plus the yeowling would be enough to give us all gray hair. Oops! Too late! MOL!

  4. Playing "Timmy fell down the well" - Laughed so hard at that!
    Poor Eli!!

  5. Well, Eli is certainly giving you signals that are about as clear as mud. Too bad we kitties can't speak Human - during times like this one, it would be SO helpful! I hope he's okay, and there's nothing too serious going on.

  6. I hope it's nothing serious.

  7. Never fails....and it is never the ones that are easy to catch.

  8. Poor Eli. Yes, I definitely see those question marks above your head!

  9. When mom read your title we thought it was football-related.

    Poor mancat. Hope he gets better soon.

    Emma and Buster

  10. Eli, just tell your momma what's going on.

  11. Eli, just tell your momma what's going on.

  12. Get well soon Eli. Lucy used to pee on the bed when she had UTI's. You need a trail cam to catch the culprits in action.

  13. We sure like to keep our peeps on their toes, don't we??

    Eli, you better tell your mom what's going on...or else you're headed to the evil vet!

  14. Cats will be the death of me! Hope Eli will be okay. Touch wood, my cats have been good for quite a while but when I have pee issues, I swear by Odormute.

    Kitties, stop worrying your Mama!!

  15. Good Heavens, I would be going crazy trying to figure it out, too.

  16. Poor Eli ... I hope he's okay. I feel slightly better that I'm not the only one that deal with these doubts and fears.


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