Friday, September 30, 2005

the good, the bad (or maybe just not so good) and the miserable

Jack is home. He hates the little "band aid" they put on his foot where his catheter was. *sigh* I was such a bad mom for not paying better attention to him.

The new mom kitty finally started eating. Shredded turkey and cheese did it. It's barely eating, but it's eating. The baby girl is eating too. For the moment her name is Marie.. or Isabel. She needs something cute and sweet. She prances around in the most adorable way. The boy is named Leo. Hubby came up with it. it very much fits. He's a brute. 1lb 8 oz. his sister is 1' 4 oz. The black set is over 2 lbs now.. man that snuck up on me.

I'm still down in the dumps over this whole thing with Jack, and what not. He's fine, but I just want to cry. I want to call out sick from work tomorrow, but someone has to pay for his $300 bill. Caught the dr trying to gouge me again. Boy, that irritates me. Second time he's charged me for a full blood profile and didn't do one. He also charged me for three units of hospitalization. They weren't full days, and he was only there two nights, so that makes absolutely no sense. I just want to throw rotten eggs at his truck.

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