Saturday, September 17, 2005

The amazing Freya

Last night I brought Freya into the house to continue to snuggle with her for a while.. BIG MISTAKE. Now all she wants to do is be in the ho use. She's helping me type this.. so forgive the typos. She sitting on my lap licking my fingers and wondering why on earth I'm making clicky noises. Just purring away.. all happy and content.

I was trying to post a comment on a friend's blog about her ca78t 56
\t=-------------- cat

cat suffering with FELV. I wanted to be positive and supportive, not amusing and typo ridden. it took me 10 minutes. As much as I love this kitten, I can't keep her. I already have 3 overly clingy cats, and there is only so much of me to go around.opl bnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

But I have got to tell you, there is little I find as precious as a kitten (or cat) that wants attention - although it does loose a little of its shine when you are sound asleep and comfy and little paws come and find your bladder, and your liver, and all of your tender bits.

LOL.. she found the delete key. I was saying she was back, and how she needs to find a home that will appreciate her persistence - cause honestly, not everyone will. I should so microchip her with my name and address.. ;)

one thing she loves to do is paw at your face.. almost as if patting.. and occasionally she uses both as if to bring your face closer.

Yes.. I'm in love... and no... seriously.. I can't keep her. Muffin wouldn't let me.

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