Sunday, September 25, 2005

adoption day

Well, I went. Hubby had projects to do around the house, so off I went. It was hard. Ginny wanted me to hold her. Caroline was hanging out in the back of the cage looking a little freaked, and Freya was very nervous. Ginny was the first to go. I wasn't thrilled with the look of the family. I tried to tell them she was a biter, but they didn't care. Went to a house with two boys, I wanted her to go with boys.. I hope she's happy.

Caroline went next to a nice couple who live right behind where I work. They were trying to decide between Freya and her. Freya had a couple who were interested in her but had to run home to get paperwork. I told them Freya possibly had a home, so they took caroline. Honestly, I think it was the right choice for everyone involved anyway. Caroline took to the man. I was happy with that one.

Freya.. poor Freya. The couple who went home decided not to come back. She almost went home with me at that point, but with the adoption fee up to $125 (for kittens under 6 months of age, $85 for older) But I kept my eye out. There was a young couple who seemed to have the right attitude - researched cats online, was happy when ones they came to look at were adopted - but she didn't seem to want to make a connection with her. So I hugged her some more and convinced myself NOT to run out the door with her. Finally, an older couple came in. They looked around the cat rooms trying to make a connection. Then they came out to the lobby where the kittens were and were looking. I brought Freya over and gave her to the lady. Freya is a shoulder sitter - which is fun, but she can't work her charm if the couple couldn't see her. But somehow the magic happened. The couple had just lost an older cat, and weren't sure they were ready for a new one, but came to look anyway. They have a dog at home - a papillon. They go to a vet I would much prefer they didn't, but I can't tell them why. - well okay, I can tell you.. cause he is too quick to jump to an FIP diagnosis when there is no proof of it. You can't diagnose FIP. You can only assume it is when everything else is ruled out. He gives up way WAY too easily. I don't like him. He runs an emergency clinic in the area, and from the stories I have heard, and my experiences with it, I wouldn't touch it with a ten-foot pole.

Anyway.. back to the nice lady. She made the decision that Freya had taken to her, and we went to the counter to do the paperwork. She snuggled with me as they filled out the paperwork, then after she wrote out the check, Freya got up from me, walked across the counter, and snuggled in with her new mom. It was PERFECT. Still made me want to cry cause I wanted her, but I don't think I could have made a better adoption... well ok, maybe with a different vet, and my own feelings on dogs color that situation, but I was happy with it.

And yes, I do miss her.

But I got to take home MORE kittens. I have a mom - who sadly to say is pretty unremarkable. Tan tiger. short haired, sweet but pretty homely. but her kittens.. woh. I could be in some trouble.

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