Wednesday, September 28, 2005

my bit of humor for the day - see previous post first

Okay, so I'm sitting here at the computer feeling pretty low, miserable and useless. I hear banging in the kitchen. My house is the cats home, so they are pretty free to do what they want, but the hubby and I prefer that they don't get on the counters for safety and sanitation reasons. I left an empty can of beans on the counter this morning, and while sitting here at the computer I hear banging as if one of the brood has jumped up on the counter and is licking the can. I yell from my chair to get down. This usually is followed by cats jumping down and scurrying away. I only hear more banging. So I get up from my chair and go into the kitchen to catch whoever is doing it.

I should pause here to give you a little background. Muffin is usually the one jumping on the counters. Twee will do it cause she sees Muffin doing it and thinks it must be okay (yes, she's a little slow) Emmy is old and arthritic. She also doesn't like to share litter boxes, so we are attempting to give her her own litter box by putting it in a box with a magnetic cat door. She thus has a magnetic "key" on her collar.

Well, I walk into the kitchen to find poor Emmy up on the counter - and yes she does know better - with a can attached to her collar and she's so confused as to how to get it off that she was afraid to jump down. I just giggled softly, walked up, took the can off her and walked away. She jumped down from counter, to lower counter, to chair, to floor, and I'm assuming hid. She's so amusing since I started her on cosequin and herbs. She's like a new kitty. 15 and getting in trouble. How awesome is that?

PS I recently read Jaz's comment about the $125 adoption fee and wanted to hug her. She can adopt one of my kitties anytime! Unfortunately, most people don't see what a good deal it is. When the adoption fee was right around the same price as spaying, and you get everything else included it was easy. Convincing some people that it is better to get all that stuff done BEFORE you take a kitty home and fall in love with it and have to suffer through any problems, that's hard. It's obnoxious how some people are about "shelter animals". They want them for free. Saying it's better they get 'any home' than be killed. I'm sorry, that attitude just makes me want to smack you. My answer to that.. go.. get a free pet.. and gamble that it is healthy. If you care so little about the animal that you aren't willing to invest money in it, then we don't really want you to have one anyway..
*jumps off soap box and goes and hugs Emmy.

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