Saturday, September 10, 2005

If you think a group of three kitties make a mess...

You should see what two groups of three kitties do. I'm trying to keep them separated because of the unknown status of the youngsters.. being so young, they couldn't felv/fiv test them... that and they were so hissy that they scared the staff.. but that is a different story. The youngsters are doing well. They did come down with a bit of a Calicivirus infection. It causes the eyes to inflame and blisters on the tongue. Sam, the long haired girl, got it worse.. I only noticed it cause it was starting to form blisters on her lips. I did notice the eyes, but I had tri-opt ointment for it... although it wasn't helping. I went and got some terramycin and they gave me some oral meds as well. The terramycin is amazing, their eyes are SO much better that you can barely tell by looking at them that they have a problem. Yoda (short haired girl) showed no signs at all. They boy only some eye issues. Problem is, though, Sam HATES the medication. I so wish I could convey the look she gives me every time I give it to her. Somewhere between disgust, horror, and surprise. She also reacts pretty violently... I'm lucky she hasn't actually scratched me yet.. but not for lack of trying. This, of course, sets back the progress I have made with her to not be frightened so much. I'm working with her and them, but I think they are going to have to go for another car ride soon and get some more people to help. *yes.. here I am to thrust kittens upon you.. here.. take this one*

To help her overcome the shyness, I have taken to hand feeding her.. Really the only way to do it is to scoop it out with my fingers and offer it to her. This poses many problems.. first of all being now I'm covered in cat food... and it is all stuck in my nails.. and she's not a delicate eater, so it's all over my pants too (cause I'm sitting cross-legged on the floor with her in my lap) and also because she isn't a delicate eater, more often than not she ends up trying to eat one of my fingers. Not a huge deal, but those little teeth are SHARP! not enough to penetrate the skin, but enough that I so totally know it.

The elders are doing well. Ginny is still sneezing snot (or puss?? I'm still concerned she might have a nasal polyp) Caroline is obsessed .. no.. I mean OBSESSED with covering up everything.. food (while her sisters are eating it) and poop (while her sisters are producing it) mostly. Tonight she tried to use me to cover up her food. Freya is an absolutely WONDERFUL cat (Taz, you sure you don't want five??) she is friendly and outgoing and loves to sit on your lap and purr and be where you are. My hubby hung a clock in the kitten room tonight, and she jumped up on his feet as if to ask if she could help.

Freya, Unknowingly named after the goddess of love and war.. how fitting

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