Friday, May 5, 2006

kitty conspiracy

Muffin: "Em.. Emmy.. Go lick Mommy's nose"
Em: "why"
Muffin: "Cause its time for her to get up now"
Em: "really?"
Muffin: "YES REALLY" - exasperated sigh
Em: "well if you are sure" - licks nose
Muffin: "Yes, I'm sure. Lick it again, and I'll step on her bladder.. that usually works"
Em: "ok" lick lick
Muffin: "JACK! Get in here.. Step on mommy and whine a little"
Jack: "ok" whine "Why am I doing this?"
Muffin: "cause its time for Mommy to get up now.. I mean come on.. its almost 5:00 AM!!"
Jack: whine
Muffin: step
Em: lick
Eli: squeak
Mommy: "Ok Ok.. geeze.. IM UP!"
Jack: whine
Muffin: step
Em: lick

Actually had to get help this morning getting them off me. It was obnoxious!

In other news, my kitties have been bad bad little kitties. They have been stealing toys from the kittens. Now if you were able to talk to them, I am certain they would tell you that the kittens are GIVING their toys away.. but I know better. Yesterday though I just about flipped out. I gave the kittens a toy on a string attached to a pole. I found the pole with about one inch of string left. I figured the kittens just chewed on it. But then I found the toy at the base of the basement stairs. no string anywhere. I'm sure it is IN one of my kitties. (arrrgggh!)

The kittens were utterly adorable this morning. They have been finding new and exciting places to sleep. Each morning it is a new spot. Today it was inside one of the drawers that I have to hold kitten supplies. I bought one of those plastic storage drawers.. it was open slightly, and they had crawled in.. it was so cute it almost hurt. :D

four more ounces to go and they'll be going back. Probably sometime next week.

I haven't really had time for this bunch.. so I'm thinking about taking a little time off. I say that from time to time, but I rarely do.


  1. Anonymous9:29 PM

    Oh my god! too funny, connie! I can just picture them doing that too. :)

  2. lol i love it!

    And i finally get time to catch up on the kitty blog *huggles to Em*


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