Monday, May 29, 2006


I went to the pet store to get some more food for Emmy, and I went over to see who they had in the satellite adoption cage, and surprise surprise, it was Myla!! :) They brought the little story I made for her too.. She's been there since Thursday. She's such a nice kitty, I'm surprised she hasn't been adopted (she almost was that Saturday, but the people who wanted her walked out)

Eli got to go on another jaunt today. Hubby went out the back door and didn't shut it tight. I was in the bedroom and looked out the window (good thing the shades were open) and noticed a black and white kitty in the yard. This was an odd thing since there are no kitties in the neighborhood. I called out to the hubby to come look, and the kitty's ears perked up. Sure enough. So DH went down and got him to come in. It was fun to watch him bound across the grass. I so wish the world was safe enough so they could go out and chase bugs and mice and leaves, but sadly, it is not... so they must be content to chase leaves and fur pompoms and each other in the house - oh yes, they are so deprived :D

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  1. *hugs* how's Em doing?

    Yea, the other day we were out on the deck and Kaguya came to the screen door just looking...and to make matters worse the next door cat came over to visit...almost like it was taunting her "hahaha...I am out in the WORLD!" I was tempted to bring her out and hold her, but she's a strong one, so she'll just have to be content indoors


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