Saturday, May 20, 2006

Adoption day

The adoptions went well. There were puppies there, so there was a TON of people, so it was all a little confusing and overwhelming. Another volunteer at the shelter had a friend who wanted a kitten and she showed her pictures of my group. She was first in line, and she took Mipsy. a very young woman took Rohane. A mother with two young boys - one autistic - took Monkey and Velm. She was only looking for one and asked me which one, and I said they complement each other very well... so she took them both. that was an easy sell. :)

The shelter started a new program where if you adopted a kitten you got the mother for free. I like this. None of my kitten adopters wanted Myla though. I had one woman who was interested in her, but in the mayhem, she left, and no one knows why. Later on in the day there was a woman who lost her 7 yr old cat to cancer. She was still very close to tears talking about it all. She was older.. 60's maybe and she wanted a kitten. I tried, but she seems to have hear heart set on one. All the ones we had were adopted at that point, so I sent her into the cat rooms to look at our older cats, since we have a lot of young cats. She found a few she liked, but she had her heart set on a kitten. I still think it is a bad idea, but I didn't tell her that :) toward the end of her visit, I pointed out Myla. She seemed interested, but since she knew we were going to have more kittens available tomorrow, she was going to go home and think about it.

My favorite little kitten came back to the shelter today. The one I'm pretty sure I mentioned that came in with three moms and a ton of kittens. Deformed feet and all. He is not doing well at all. Apparently five weeks old and he can't weigh more than five ounces.. One of the shelter managers is going to foster him, give him fluids on a regular basis and hand feed him... I almost stole him.. which of course would be beyond stupid, cause if he lived I'd have seven cats..

We also had someone bring in baby field mice. They were obnoxiously cute. probably the size of the first joint of your pinky.

The kitten shower itself went pretty well. We ended up with almost 8,000 pounds of supplies. One company donated 4000 lbs of pelleted wood stove pellets. they make great pet litter for cats and small animals. Even with out that one donation, we ended up with over 1000 lbs more stuff than last year!!

I'm still a little disappointed with the event. I really shouldn't be. But they keep building it up to be more than it ever is. I should just accept it for the fun afternoon that it is, and not expect more. I think next year I won't volunteer at it, but just stop by towards the end. (yup. and I'm going to take a break from fostering too.. really)

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