Thursday, May 4, 2006

Ok mom, you've been sleeping five hours now...

time to wake UP! *shoves basket with kitty meds on floor*


I spent several hours last night making cat food. I do not enjoy doing this. Don't think the hubby enjoys giving it to them, and they don't seem overly enjoyed eating it either.. well sometimes they do. But hey.. food isn't supposed to be about enjoyment, is it? (shhh.. don't tell them otherwise!!)

I bought another cornish game hen to try on them. I can't believe I hacked that thing up into pieces. I almost cried seeing its neck and legs.. And my great and mighty hunters will have nothing to do with it. So kitten fodder it becomes. These fosters LOVE raw food.

They are doing well. The little scardey cat (I can't believe they don't have names yet. Just big boy, monkey boy, little miss Myla and the scared one) is making some progress. The neat thing about him is if you lay him on his back he seems to go into a trance. Very cool.

The cat door seems to be helping Em. She's not all intent on eating at meal times, but by the time the next meal comes around, the food we gave her is all gone. her BG levels aren't great, but she is putting on weight and seems interested in things - well as much as to be expected with her. I still find her sleeping in the oddest spots. The hardwood floor has become a new one for her. I can't imagine that feels very good on her bones.. but I'm not about to tell her she can't do that. I know she can make it up on the bed. If she can't there are pillows strewn around for the kitties, and there are always clothes and bed pillows around (ok ok, I admit it, we are not the best housekeepers on the face of the planet)

I am a little concerned about the rabbit. I actually picked her up the other day (she hates to be held or petted) and noticed she's pulling fur off her belly. She's probably bored in her cage all day, but considering the destruction she has causing lately.. Photos, now photo albums.. folders, papers, everything but the items I put in there for her to chew on! I'm considering getting her a dog / baby playpen to ensure she stays away from the content lining the walls.

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