Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Hug your Cat Day

I missed posting about Hug your Cat Day. It was the 19th.. But I'm sure I didn't do anyone a disservice did I? I mean you all hug your cats daily don't you?

I also wanted to post about Tweedle. She is becoming an exceptional kitty. Quite the artist that one. She works with materials that are laying around the house. This time, it was a milk bottle ring and some of the bunny's hay. She ate the former than the later, then hurled it all up so it looked EXACTLY like a slug. I freaked till I realized there was no way a slug could get in the house. Seriously, though, Twee gives pica a whole new twist. Apparently, she'll eat anything! I don't know why.

Em is ok. Her numbers are still all over the place. Not quite sure what to do. The timed feeder we bought is working out very nicely, though. However, my previous pandering to her has made her beg for food every time I look at her. It's getting frustrating to get her back on a schedule. She's holding steady at 12lbs 12 oz. I was hoping to get her back up to 14.. I'd even settle for 13.5 but it looks like I'm going to have to be content with just shy of 13.

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