Monday, April 30, 2007

time for another update

Well Em's weight went on to beyond 10lbs. got her up to 10lbs 10 oz.. i was over the freakin moon. Unfortunately in one night it dropped to 10lbs 1 oz. I don't know why, and I can't get it back up. I had gotten more dewormer for her to give to her today, but when it dropped I gave it to her then.

I am getting a little lax on her thyroid medication. She was doing so well and gaining so well, I thought it wasn't necessary. Im still not convinced it is, but Im back on making sure I give it to her morning AND night.

Her BGs are driving me batty! back under 100 this morning .. 54 I believe was the number, while tonight it was just about 400. *sigh* Not going to worry about that... just going to treat and be happy that I can.

*knock wood* we haven't had a nose bleed since a week ago Sunday. I've seen blood around, but no bleeding episodes. I cut back on her pred to 1 tab this morning. I might fluxuate from 1 to 1.5 every other day to see if she holds steady, then cut back to just 1.

Muffin is driving me to the end of my rope. twice last night she 'broke in' to Em's room (where Em's special food is - since Em won't eat the food everyone else gets) Made me get up in the middle of the freakin night to "smack her little tushie". the first time she made me chase her all around the house, the second time she KNEW to head straight for the basement (aka punishment) I ignored her all morning too. Sometimes the cold shoulder treatment works, sometimes not. Depends on how stubborn she's being... and suprisingly she can be as stubborn as I am!

I went into the shelter on Saturday to see if there were any kittens. There weren't. Probably a good thing. After I left I got a call saying some came in. a barely pregnant cat, and a pack of sickly 3 week old kittens. Now I'm probably going to be blasted, but it upsets me that the shelter wastes resources, and the mom cat's time being in foster care when it could be spayed and put out to be adopted. I love kittens as much as the next person, probably more, but why put the mom cat through a pregnancy if she's just barely pregnant.. *sigh* Very far along I understand.. I called back about the sickly kittens. I am scared to bring anything in the house, but I am jonesing for kittens kinda bad. Well I waited till the morning.. and by doing so, I missed one of them as they died. Again, probably a good thing that I didn't get them in my house.. I don't know if I could handle that right now..

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