Tuesday, October 30, 2007

making cat food

Oh how I hate making cat food.. let me count the ways.. *ugh*

but it is cheap and the best diet I can come up with for my cats.. so I do it.. but man I wish it would just make itself.

We decided to do eight packages of meat this time. each package is two batches, and we have been doing four packages which used to last us a month with Em eating canned (and the rest of them helping her) but now that we have six on only raw, six packages seemed to only last us a few weeks.

We made it on Sunday.. we'll have to wait and see how long this will last.

We ran out of food, and had to feed them some of Em's left overs on Sat night and Sun morning. Muffin decided she needed cuddle time after she ate dinner, and OMG cat food breath is gross!!!

I also got some chicken breast to add in. They don't seem to like the chucks of chicken thigh meat, so I thought I'd try the breast. They need to chew the meat to help clean off their teeth, and Eli's teeth are horrid! I'm afraid he's going to need a dental right quick. He's my skittish boy, so getting him to brush his teeth would not be kind - not that a dental would be kind to him either but it is a one day thing as opposed to every other day - and I'm sure in his mind way less tramatic. *crosses fingers that this works well and the next time I'm able to look at his teeth they are much better*

I still need to get the kitten in to be neutered and adopted. I don't know why I'm avoiding it..

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