Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Somewhere there must be "Sucker" written on my forhead


A few weeks ago I took in Licorice, because my kitten room is just too cold for kittens.. Poor thing is holding his own, but is miserable.. So I've contacted the shelter about getting him shaved and said it might be a good idea to get him a companion..

In the mean time, my husband's aunt reminded me that in November I agreed to cat sit for her.. so now I have "Boots" at the house.

Let me remind you that I do not like cats that talk to me. I do my best not to encourage meowing for no particular reason. Tweedle does it, but she'll usually stop if I tell her to. Being Siamese, Boots enjoys the sound of his own voice, and at 3am he started singing opera.. *sigh* some attention and some food for distraction got me through the night. Last night we gave him lots of love, and held off on the food as long as possible, and I did get through the night. Not sure if he'll intergrate into the house because he smelled the previously used scoop and hissed. But I'll probably try it this weekend because he is going to be living at the house till April.

So then after the night of broken rest, I get an email from the shelter regarding getting Licorice in for a shave. and btw, how would you like a diabetic cat to be his companion :) Will be nice to put my knowledge to work again, but like I need this kind of additional work.. *sigh* But they need the help, Licorice needs the companionship and he absolutely needs to get off dry food and on to wet.. Maybe I can even get the new kitty Reece (haven't gotten her yet) off insulin.. it's been known to happen..

Oh to have a sick orphaned kit.. I miss little kitten licks..

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