Thursday, February 21, 2008


I feel the need to post this..

I feel I am becoming (or is it too late for me) the crazy cat lady, who is looking for the highest standards of care for each and every cat, and feel that I might come across and condeming those who don't "measure up"

Well in a way I guess I kinda am/do but in the same way that I feel that we all should be eating fresh veggies, and fruits and restrict highly processed foods, alcohols, smoking, etc. Do I think any less of anyone who eats a donut? no. It is completely understandable.

I have absolutely NO intention of being condeming to those who care of their cat is not the same as mine. I know there are people who do more and better things for their cats, and I know there are going to be people who don't care at all - no wait. those I am going to pelt with pixilated stones. If you are going to own a pet, care for it.

Just as I am always looking out for new ideas, suggestions, ways to care for cats, I guess I don't censor myself when it comes to ways I care for my own kitties and fosters. I'm not always right, and I know it - just not at the time apparently.

as long as the cat is in good health, loved, safe, and sees a vet when necessary, you are A-OK in my book! (even if you do feed dry :D)

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